To uphold and secure the rights of elderly and actively work towards improving their quality of life by networking, advocating and researching elderly issues and providing a wide range of services according to their needs.
Our vision is of an elder friendly world in which ageing becomes a positive and rewarding experience.
The goals of SIF are centered on creating and implementing services and programmes that are holistic in nature and address the need to acknowledge the much needed supportive environment that the elderly deserve.
We at SIF provide elderly care by counseling, elder helpline, need base services, advocacy and networking and many more.
December 17, 2013

The elderly are vulnerable and cannot defend or demand their rights and need proactive support in living and accessing their need. Frail health conditions or just ageing requires a supportive environment for the elderly to utilize their rights. Such an environment seems non-existent or limited in India. Hence there is a need to highlight the…

December 17, 2013

To provide need based services like food, medical aid, housing, rehabilitation, clothing, counseling and addressing requirement of overall physical and mental health. An individual is considered senior citizen at 60yrs and can only then avail services from civil and non-civil society. SIF addresses individuals from 50 yrs onwards to enable the process of aging gracefully…