To address basic needs of the elderly (aged 50yrs +) and their family members.

To provide need based services like food, medical aid, housing, rehabilitation, clothing, counseling and addressing requirement of overall physical and mental health. An individual is considered senior citizen at 60yrs and can only then avail services from civil and non-civil society. SIF addresses individuals from 50 yrs onwards to enable the process of aging gracefully and be well equipped to handle old age. Since the family and the elderly are not divorced from each other, SIF also equips family members in managing and caring for the older members in the household.

To provide and create innovative programmes and services for the elderly that enable them to reintegrate back into society with dignity.

The above goal will facilitate and encourage the participation of the elderly by providing opportunities to participate in recreational, educational and spiritual programmes. We will also create a resource system of referrals within the elderly network for accessing any services such as employment, healthcare, matrimonial, voluntary activities and day centre among others. SIF aspires to create an e-elderly community by using our website and blog as a platform for social networking. SIF will create and develop programmes that will promote ageing in place where the elderly can age gracefully in their home and community environment and need not be shifted to rehabilitation or old-age homes if possible. SIF will also work towards creating a platform for children, youth and adults and seniors together to understand positive ageing and working together to create elder friendly world.

To promote research and development on issues related to elderly.

SIF will take part, promote and support research projects related to the elderly. It will explore and promote various alternative therapies for addressing the well being of the elderly.  The research findings and services created hence will be disseminated to the common man.  SIF will also promote and conduct research and development in creating products and services for the aged.